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Proverbs 22:6 "Train up a child in the way they should go."

From small beginnings some 28 years ago, Southcity Christian Schools has developed into what we believe is the leading school on the South Coast of KZN. Set in pristine, neat grounds with a magnificent view overlooking the Indian Ocean, we are indeed privileged to watch the whales at play and savour the ocean breeze daily. Sounds incredible – but it’s true!

Southcity Christian Pre-Primary is a friendly, intimate school where children can settle quickly into a familiar, homely environment, while still receiving cutting edge education and skills development. The school offers four small classes – 1 x Grade 000 and 1 x Grade 00 – each with a qualified teacher, as well as an assistant. The Southcity Christian Pre-Primary children have the advantage of being able to progress to the Junior Primary School, Senior Primary School and College all on the same premises.

We aim to prepare each child with the skills needed for Grade R and later for learning how to read and write. Activities such as climbing, kicking, catching and hopping help with the development of gross motor skills, motor planning, co-ordination and body awareness. Fine motor skills are increased by playing with play dough, manipulative toys, cutting, drawing, lacing, etc. We also develop the children’s visual perceptual skills through games and teaching around colour, shape recognition, and patterns. We foster the love of reading by providing many beautifully illustrated and well-worded books in our upstairs reading corner and take every opportunity to read aloud to the students. Children grow in their awareness of the world around them through role-playing and making use of the dressing up clothes and toys in the upstairs fantasy area. The beautiful, well-equipped classrooms are conducive to “learning through play”.

The state-of-the-art outside equipment is endorsed by an occupational therapist and is purpose-built to challenge a child’s sensory and gross motor system, while climbing onto poles, walking over a moving bridge, sliding down a slide, swinging, pulling on a rope, balancing on a beam and climbing up a rock wall. A bicycle track has been incorporated and designed to challenge the visual-spatial awareness and the sensory motor system, while also teaching road skills and encouraging physical activity.

Our daily programme is organised around interesting themes. Where possible, we incorporate outings or bring in visitors to help the children to apply their learning to the real world. This last year has included highlights such as outings to a farm, the fire station, classroom visits from policemen, a nurse, a carpenter, a ballet teacher, a make-up artist and even a bearded-dragon lizard, a pony that gave the children rides and many exotic pets!

The atmosphere in our Pre-Primary is one of love and respect, children are taught to be kind and considerate. Each child is encouraged to grow and to develop essential inter-personal and life skills. Incorporated into the school fees are lessons in computers, music, swimming, baking and Gymbo-Kidz. The stimulating environment develops inquiring minds and the love for school and learning. Southcity Christian Pre-Primary School is the ideal setting for children to grow in confidence and character while learning through play!

Southcity Church

Our Sunday morning celebration starts at 09:00 in the auditorium, with evening services at 18:00. All parents are invited to come and join this vibrant community of believers who love Jesus! Visit the church website.

All our parents are invited to join us at our City Café. We have an extensive menu on offer and the cappuccinos are highly recommended! There is Wi-Fi for your convenience as well as a big screen TV for our sporting enthusiasts.

Pre-Primary Uniform Shop:

Our uniform shop is situated on campus and is open from:

Monday – Friday from 07:15 – 08:15 and again at 12:00 – 15:00

Mrs. Richards is ready to help parents and students with all uniform requirements. Also see our Online Shop.

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