Our Busy Year

The Prep School participates in a Recycling programme and pupils (families) are encouraged to bring their recycling to school for weighing in.

Classes compete and we announce the winning class every month and they are rewarded with a treat. It has become imperative that we educate our children about waste, while earning some money for the school.

Here in the Prep School we aim to enjoy ourselves at every opportunity to balance our school life and academic programme with fun! We try to have a fun event every term and start off the year with our Summer Festival/Wipe-out in the first term. Pupils enjoy a time of water activities, including slides, competitions and several other “drenching” events.

Our Book Fair held over the past 3 years has been a huge success and we are so pleased to see the enthusiasm for reading that is evident in our pupils. This 3 day event allows pupils to browse and choose a book to purchase and we encourage donations to our Library too. Coupled with this we have a Read-a-thon with much fun in the form of the surprise appearances of Sir/Madam Read-a-Lot – in full dress! We alternate the Read-a-thon with a Spell-a-thon which also serves as our annual fundraiser.

Our “We’ve Got Talent” show gives our budding musicians, dancers and talented children an opportunity to share their gifts with us all. This show, too, provides us with much entertainment.

And for the first time last year we held our very own “Minute to Win-It” show with exciting challenges and activities. The pupils had such a blast with all the countdowns and timers to make this event such a hit.

And then there are events such as a “Crazy Sock Day” and a “Crazy Hair Day” which make school such fun. At the parade winners are chosen. The pupils and teachers go all out – the parents too!