Junior Primary Inter-House Gala

Friday 25 February 2022 saw Southcity Junior Primary abuzz with excitement. Pupils, parents and teachers were filled with anticipation as the annual inter-house gala was about to take place. COVID had robbed us all of this fun-filled event for the past two years but we were about to enjoy it all again. Pupils arrived dressed for success, sporting their house colours and ready for action. To ensure we were still abiding by COVID regulation the gala was divided into two sections. For the first half of the gala parents of those children who were involved in the fun events were allowed into the pool area to cheer and support their children as they participated in pool noodle and kicker board races. It was wonderful to see all the singing, cheering and excitement. Then after a short break, with some pupils and parents leaving and others arriving, our more competitive events started. We were very proud of all our swimmers and Asher House came out on top. Judah left with very sore throats but claimed the spirit cup for the fifth year in a row. Grade 1 age group winners were Blakely Goldhill and Declan Fulton, grade 2 winners were Sinakhokonke Zulu and JJ Grobler and finally Cassie Maree was named the Victrix Ladorum and Talan Roos Victor Ladorum. We would like to thank everyone involved for the great success of the day.
L-R:  Cassie Maree (Victrix Ladorum), Talan Roos (Voctor Ladorum), Blakely Goldhill, Declan Fulton, JJ Grobler & Sinakhokonke Zulu.

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